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SmarterDM offers an intelligent solution for efficient and effective heating control in hotels and student accommodation. Every day, we help our customers to proactively manage their energy spend and deliver game-changing savings across their estates.

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Our Solution

SmarterDM’s wireless energy management platform helps accommodation providers and to understand their spend and make significant reductions by ensuring heating systems are not running when rooms are unoccupied. Our robust and intuitive monitoring and control platform is completely wireless and gives UK businesses the tools to take their sustainability strategy to the next level.




Guest comfort is an important metric for hotel managers running their operations on a daily basis.



Student Accommodation

The opportunity for energy savings across student accommodation are vast.


Collect power consumption data to an individual heater level

Collect individual room occupancy data

Collect individual room temperature data

Reduce energy consumption by automated control but also enhance occupant experience

Set different target temperatures for rooms in different states e.g. vacant, active and occupied and active and unoccupied

Continue to give occupants the ability to alter settings but deploy minimum and maximum set point overrides and reset periods to control consumption